Jaya Roadlines- Dedicated Transport To Create Inter-state Business

Jaya Roadlines- Dedicated Transport To Create Inter-State Business

Welcome to Jayaroadlines !

Jayaroadlines is a subsidiary of J.B transport, Which was started as a sole properitory firm in the year 1988 by K.Radhakrishnan. Initially the company had only 1 vehicle (TATA 1210E) with the proprietor himself being the Owner-Cum-Driver. Today the firm had more than 20 vehicles of different types starting from 3ton capacity truck to 25 Ton capacity trucks. The path over the Span of 30 years was approached with positivity and hardwork towards the goal. Hundreds of drivers and staffs, Hundreds of companies and many other stake holders were the part of our success and this journey continues forever.

Benefits of Jayaroadlines

  • Provide fast and quality service

  • Improving customer experience

  • Boosting profitability

  • Better intermodal operations.

  • Greater delivery productivity and efficiency

  • Intelligent route planning.

How Efficient We are?


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  • We strive to create local opportunity for youth in terms of employment and offer transport solutions for entrepreneurs
  • We aim to be the Go-To-Option for every Manufacturing
    Firm to ship Their Goods
  • Ensuring inclusive Growth, Covering our Employees, Clients, Suppliers  Lies at the Bottom Line of our Company
  • To provide the best quality services to our customers
  • To ensure safety, On time delivery and careful handlings of good
  • Employee welfare and customer satisfaction lies at the core of our company’s values.
  • Cheaper means of transport keeps us on the priority list of our customers
  • To offer professional support for the sectors in need of  Transport Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide full load transport service to many areas and part load transport service to certain transport routes

Jayaroadlines is different as we offer a customer centric solution at an affortable Cost.

Yes, Our part load fares are lesser than RS.2/KG and full load fares are less than Rs. 30/km

Instant response for booking during working hours and response without much delay during other time can be Expected

Yes, genuine drivers with utmost responsibility for the customers goods are part of our company